Carl has been my family's trusted advisor and friend since 2005, and he is very knowledgeable about many things. He has helped me with retirement planning, and he found a product for me that guarantees at least 8% per year compounded, without the risk of ever losing any money. It also guarantees that I will always have an income stream. Carl has also helped us with finding affordable health insurance. I definitely would recommend Carl to anyone who any questions about anything related to money or insurance.

Christie K. - Belcamp, MD

Carl has helped my business cut our healthcare costs without sacrificing having quality coverage that covers all of my employees' pre-existing conditions. When our group health insurance costs kept rising, we allowed Carl to see what he could do for us. After analyzing our situation, he came up with coverage that saved us over $1,800 per month for our group of families. That was in 2009, and in 2010 he was able to save us even more money on our group dental plan, with the same benefits and dental network that we already were using. We highly recommend Carl.

Timothy M. - Bel Air, MD

As a senior, Carl has been very helpful to us. Every year he reviews our Medicare situation situation to make sure that we have the best price on our Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage plan, and dental insurance. He has also helped us with our retirement savings by getting us a product that allows our money to grow with the Market, and at the same time it protects our savings from the down side of the Market, and from the risk of losing any money. We recommend Carl o anyone, especially seniors concerned with Medicare and making their money last.

John and Janice G. - Joppa, MD

Carl has been my life insurance agent since 2003. My philosophy is why should anyone pay more than they need to for life insurance from a top rated and reliable insurance company? That's how Carl does business as well - he wants to get the best price for his clients. He was able to get me the best price available on term insurance for the coverage amount and term length that I wanted. He has software that shows what all of the top rated insurance carriers charge for the desired amount of coverage, and he will show you what the results are so that you can see it for yourself. That makes it easy to shop for the best price, and know that you are getting the best price. I definitely recommend Carl to anyone shopping for life insurance.

Harvey C. - Abingdon, MD

Carl was referred to us by a friend back in 2005, and he has been our advisor since then. We are self-employed business owners, and one of the things that he helped us do was save money on our overall healthcare expenses. He introduced us to the Health Savings Account concept, and we have used it to receive a tax break on the kids' braces and all of our other medical expenses, while saving money in health insurance premiums as well. Thanks Carl!

Kim F. - Woodbine, MD

Working with Carl was wonderful! Not only was he able to save our family over $650 a month on our healthcare costs, which includes premiums and prescription expenses, but he also made getting these savings so easy for us. He did all of the research into the plans for us, and chose for my family the best possible plan that saves us the most money, without sacrificing our quality of healthcare. He also made the application process so easy for us, and we are just delighted at the monthly savings we will be enjoying, and we can now put that savings into other living expenses. Carl is highly recommend by our family!

John and Kimberly G. - Pasadena, MD

Carl has been our family's consultant for years. One of the things that has made so Carl valuable to us is that his level of service to us has been great. He has always made us aware of new products and new ways to help us save money on our insurance coverage, and safely grow our money. He checks in with us regularly, helps us handle claims, and even contacts us on our birthdays to wish us happy birthday!

Roger & Penny P. - Glen Burnie, MD

It was such a pleasure to work with Carl Johnson. He understood the needs of my father and went out of his way to take care of him! I can't tell you how much me and my siblings valued his commitment to being there in such a difficult time in our family. Carl I will forever thankful!
Veronica Natale

veronica natale


Carl was very professional, patient and through. I didn't feel as though we were "just a number" to him-he really cared about finding us the best fit with insurance. My husband and I weren't really sure what we needed but, Carl listened, offered suggestions, pros and cons for different alternatives and helped us find a great solution. I'm recommending anyone looking for guidance, especially with health insurance, reach out to Carl!

Amy York


My husband and I are very much satisfied with Carl Johnson helping us with our health care coverage. He is very professional and responsive in searching for what we were looking for in health insurances. He has a good work ethics and we appreciate what he did for us.

lil merc