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Retirement Income Planning

Consult an agent in Abingdon, MD about Retirement Income Planning

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Retirement Income Planning

Whether you are already retired, nearing retirement, or still 35 years away from retirement, at some point you may be dependent on your accumulated funds to last you up to 30 years – your retirement years.

The effects of rising taxes, inflation, and roller coaster up and down markets can eat away at your precious nest egg, and prevent you from having the resources that you will need to last you for the rest of your life. Watch this 60 Minutes piece which details how traditional retirement savings methods are coming up short for many people, and why additional planning is necessary.

Is It Time To Retire Your 401K Or 403B?

Keeping all of your money completely exposed to the downside risk of the stock market or mutual funds could end up being a disaster. It is prudent to have some of these funds in a place where they can accumulate safely and one day provide you with a consistent income, regardless of market conditions.

Johnson Financial Group Inc. offers alternative options to risky traditional retirement savings plans, such as 401K and 403B plans. Contact us at 443-807-7311 and let us put together a Retirement Savings Rescue Plan using a specific Alternative, or a combination of the Alternatives.

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