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Medicare Supplement Insurance

Consult an agent in Abingdon, MD about Medicare Supplement Insurance

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Medicare Supplement Insurance in Abingdon, MD

We Are Experts In Medicare Supplement Insurance

Original Medicare consists of Part A, hospital coverage, and Part B, doctor and outpatient coverage. But Parts A and B generally only cover about 80% of these costs. Medicare supplement insurance, or Medi-gap, helps Medicare beneficiaries cover the remaining cost of these services through private insurance companies who offer a variety of plan types, from Plan A to Plan N.

Medicare regulates these plan types, so every company’s Plan G, for example, provides the exact same coverage as every other company’s Plan G. The only difference between like plans is how much each company charges for their plan.

Johnson Financial Group Inc. has special software that allows us to pull up exactly what each company charges for a particular plan type, and to compare the insurance companies pricing side-by- side. This eliminates our clients from being overcharged for a plan that fits their needs, and makes the Medicare supplement shopping process easier for our clients.

Contact Us through this form, or give us a call at 443-807-7311, and let us help you find the best value in Medicare supplement plans, for your particular needs.

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