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Health Insurance

Select health, dental, life or other insurance with the help of our local agent

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Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Notice:

We’re in uncertain times. What is certain? No time is good (especially now) to be without health insurance or have the wrong kind of plan. We are ready to cover this crisis well and I’m here for you.

Special Covid-19 Coverage

Any USA Provider

You Are in Control

Have You Felt These Pains?

  • It feels like I’m in deductible quicksand. Everything goes toward my deductible!
  • My health insurance premiums feel like another mortgage payment
  • I’ll Never use anywhere near what I will spend over the years on health insurance
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Have You Felt These Pains?

FREE Teladoc

Stay home/avoid clinics with a house CALL. No monthly cost/never a copay. Especially during Covid-19 this is a priceless benefit!

Discount Drug Cards

Prescription medicines can be so expensive! We can help you with our discount cards and in most cases payment for medicines as well.

Receive $$$

Quite often you will have your bill paid in full and receive a check above that. Especially with doctor visits. NO COPAYS!

Individual, Family, And Self-Employed Plans

If you are an individual, family, or self-employed person who does not have access to an employer based group plan, or you are a small business owner seeking affordable coverage for your employees and you don’t want the administrative headache associated with a small group plan, then individual health insurance could be the best approach to getting quality coverage, while at the same time keeping costs down. Johnson Financial Group Inc. has many years experience in listening to the needs of our clients, customizing plan options that meet their needs and budgets, and helping them to get coverage that is both personalized and affordable for all.

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Employee / Group Benefits

Owning and running your own business these days can be difficult. There are so many things to consider and choose wisely in order to keep the bottom line in the black, and stay in business. Johnson Financial Group Inc. understands the concerns that business owners and entrepreneurs face.

From providing benefits to your employees and key people, to using the business to fund your retirement savings plan, and in many other ways, we can help. If you are a business owner who is seeking affordable group medical coverage for your employees, there are many factors to consider. Johnson Financial Group Inc. has many years of experience in helping business owners offer valuable, employee retaining benefits, at a price that will keep you in business.

We work with all of the major carriers of group health, group dental, group vision, group life insurance, group disability insurance, and other group benefits. Let us do the shopping for you, as we will compare plans from the various carriers side-by-side, and help you to choose the plan that is best for your company. We have all of the plans as well. Traditional group co-pay plans, group health savings account plans, group health reimbursement account plans, and more. Let us work with your company to customize a plan for your group

We Save Businesses Money

Running a small business is getting more and more expensive, and for small business owners, it is becoming harder to keep the books balanced. Providing quality health care for employees is just one of the many factors straining the budgets of small businesses.

JFG has many years of experience saving small businesses money on their health care costs, while not compromising on the quality of care for the employees and their families. We have developed a proven strategy that works, and there are many satisfied small business owners that will attest to this – we have helped save money on health care costs for both the company and each individual family – LOTS OF MONEY!

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Have You Felt These Pains?


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Enjoy Better Coverage With Greater Freedom

Your Health Plan Expert Mission

With over 17 years of experience in finding our client’s affordable health insurance, Carl J Johnson truly is Your Health Plan Expert. Please visit our sister site for more information:

Finding an affordable health plan shouldn’t feel like a complicated maze with huge premiums and high deductibles. I guide people to their PERSONALIZED plan so they can use their valuable time for what matters most to them!

As your health plan expert that you want to feel secure with your health plan. In order to do that, you need an affordable, PERSONALIZED plan. The problem is that traditional plans offer unaffordable premiums and large deductibles which can make you feel insecure, confused and afraid of your plan’s potential performance. I believe that you should not have to pay a mortgage payment for health insurance. Due to my 16 years as an independent agent and my personal plan experiences, I can understand what it’s like to have huge premiums and high deductibles. This is why I would like to be your qualified guide to help you find your personalized plan. Here’s our very simple 3 step process.

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You schedule a brief call with me.

I find the right plan just for your individual situation.

You enjoy better coverage with greater freedom.

Price Transparency And Hospital Abuse

Affordable Care Act Alternatives

Stay home/avoid clinics with a house CALL. No monthly cost/never a copay. Especially during Covid-19 this is a priceless benefit!

Personalized Plans

Only choose the benefits that fit your situation and wishes Why should I pay for anything I don't want to have covered? Why should I pay for maternity when I am a male or over a certain age etc? These are real issues with most Americans.

True Provider Choice

See any doctor in the USA The reported lie of the year for 2013 was "If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor." With our plans you can actually see ANY doctor in the United States. Period!

3 Keys

There are 3 main keys to the proven best health insurance experience. Take advantage of the 3 keys to health insurance savings that almost no insurance plan offers.
-True pricing for services (known as price transparency)
-Powerful network that offers a discount off "fake" bills.
-Insurance company pays a benefit to the client

Huge Premium Savings Monthly

I cut premiums in half quite often Our clients save 30 to 50% consistently on their monthly premiums. If someone has COBRA it is often a much larger savings than 50%! It is not a benefit to save money on health insurance and offer poor quality healthcare. We offer lower rates and an open door to whatever healthcare someone desires.

16 Years Experience

Take advantage of my 16 years Health Insurance experience I am an independent agent that can represent any company I wish. This means finding the best plan, the best fit for your specific situation. I don't offer a one size fits all plan. I also don't share your information with anyone. I can be your one stop guide. Be aware, almost all other websites share your information and you can get calls for years.

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