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Carl J. Johnson
Agency President and CEO

Welcome To Johnson Financial Group Inc.

We Specialize In Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Precious Metals, Medicare And Retirement

My name is Carl J. Johnson, and my agency is comprised of independent agents who are licensed with dozens of the world’s highest-rated insurance carriers and financial services companies. Our focus is always on our clients, looking out for what’s in their best interest.

At JFG, we search the market to find the best values for each client, and we realize that no two situations are the same. The carrier recommendation, strategy, or program that is best for one person, family, or business is not necessarily the best situation for another. That is why we bring an unbiased approach to every case.

We will listen to your needs, and then we will suggest innovative but proven strategies to meet the need as efficiently as possible. We will compare carriers, plans, and programs, and we will do the shopping for you. We are constantly searching for the best insurance, financial services, and senior products to help our clients save money, protect themselves and their families, grow their resources, and make their money last through proper allocation.

In 2003, the entrepreneurial spirit within me compelled me to start an insurance agency. Armed with a lot of a drive, ambition, and a burning desire to help others, I devoured all of the knowledge that I could in the arenas of insurance, finance, mortgages, credit, senior concerns, small business owner’s issues, and more.

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I learned the best strategies to help people become debt free, save money, get the best rate on their home loan, protect what they have, create and grow wealth for themselves and their families, leave a legacy to their children, take care of their aging parent’s needs, run a more efficient business, and generally reach their goals. I have an insatiable appetite for knowledge about these issues, and a deep desire to help as many people as I can.

Let us help you find the best price on life, or health, or income protection insurance. Let us recommend to you the best vehicles to safely grow your nest egg. If you own a business, let us find for you the best values in employee benefits. If you are a senior, let us suggest strategies to help you keep more of your money, and help protect you from running out of money in the future.

Our goal is to become your agent, and not just for one transaction. We want to build a relationship with you and your family, to be your agent FOR LIFE.

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